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ATCCOS YOUR MALL (AYM) is a an unique and innovative way to combine E-commerce with Digital Team Marketing. Where AYM is a pure E-commerce site and Digital Team Marketing is done by an exclusive marketing team called Team Diamond Hunters!

Our concept lies on this-

Have you ever recommended someone or promoted-
-A good Restaurant
-A good Garments Shop
-A good Mobile Shop

Have you ever been paid for your daily Promotions??

Did you said NO!

We are glad to announce that first time in history your recommendations or promotions will be tracked and you will be paid for it!!

Yes you will be paid in terms of Discounts!

As a part of Team Diamond Hunters when you promote any e-Shop associated with AYM you are credited with Shopping Cash of that particular e-Shop. You can use this Shopping Cash to avail “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” or “Save Upto 50%” on any product you purchase from that particular e-Shop.


Get Extra Pro-Customer Discount Up To 50% On Our DH Exclusive e-Shops!!

How to avail this Offer?

This Offer is divided into 3 stages-

Stage 1-  Become our Pro- Customer and complete Your First Purchase of min. Rs. 1500/- on our Special Online Store at ATCCOS Your Mall!

Online shopping


Stage 2-  Now you become our Digital Promoter. You will receive an email from Our Marketing Team with your Digital Promotion Login Id details! Just start sending advertisements of any of the Online Stores at ATCCOS Your Shop Retail to your friends and neighbors from your Smart Phone and start Earning Shopping Cash from your Advertisement Campaign!



Stage 3-  Use your Shopping Cash to avail Buy 1 and Get 1 Free!! or Save up to 50%!!  on all your future purchases. Our Marketing Team will help you and support you everywhere!




Recommend the above Offer to your Friends and Neighbors and Earn Cash Incentives of 10% Extra!!

To know more about this exclusive and wonderful program, please contact the Person who has sent you this store link or advertisement or introduced you to ATCCOS Your Mall!