Shop, Earn & Be Free!

Welcome to our exclusive program of

Shop, Earn & Be Free!

This program is designed on the concept of Team Marketing!

This program is divided into 3 stages-

Stage 1-  SHOP – Join the Program!

Become our Pro- Customer or AYM Vendor and Start Promoting our DH Exclusive e-Shops and Get Extra Discount Up To 50% on them!

  1. Become our Pro-Customer- Shop for products worth Rs. 1500/- (one time purchase) from our AYM Special Store.
  2. Become AYM Vendor- Register as DH Vendor and open your e-shop with AYM with Monthly Subscription Rs. 699/- only.

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Stage 2-  EARN- Personal Earnings!

  1. Refer our Promotional Offer to your friends, neighbors or relatives and introduce them as Pro-Customer and you get Cash Incentives of 10% on their Order value!
  2. Introduce AYM Vendor and Start earning Monthly Cash Incentive of 25% on their Monthly Subscriptions!

There is NO Limit to number of Introductions!


Stage 3-  BE FREE – Team Bonuses!

Become DH Executive to Start Earning from your Introductions!

To Become DH Executive, complete any of the below tasks-

  1. Introduce at least 50 Pro-Customers in any 2 consecutive months.
  2. Shop for Products worth Rs. 15000/- in a single month from our Special Store.
  3. Upgrade your DH Promoter id into DH Executive id by paying Upgrade Fees of Rs. 6200/-

Team Earnings-

  1. Start Getting Cash Incentives of 5%  on all Pro-Customers introduced by your direct Introductions or Team.
  2. Start Getting Monthly Cash Incentives of 15% on all AYM Vendors’ Monthly Subscriptions that are introduced by your direct Introductions or Team.


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To know more about this exclusive and wonderful program, please contact the Person who has sent you this link or introduced you to ATCCOS Your Mall or Team DH! 

Thanks a lot!